My goal is to be a part of a smart, creative group with a shared vision to discover, build, and create.



·      Alphacam Advance Router CAD/CAM 3D 3-Axis machining software

·      G/M  machine code

·      Setup, operate, and repair industrial CNC routers with custom vacuum fixtures

·      CNC machining of hard/softwoods, laminates, RENShape, plastics, and aluminum

·      Manual machining, mill and lathe operation for all materials

·      MIG welding, brazing, soldering

·      Mold-making for urethane, concrete, and cast iron

·      Model-making, ceramics

·      High-level finishing

·      Production design and custom fine woodworking

·      Photography 

·      General knowledge of and experience with electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic, vacuum and dust        collection systems.


Work History


·      Flux Design Ltd. – Design/Build Specialist            (Nov 2014-May 2016)

- Create unique interiors, exteriors, and sculpture with a group of designers and builders


·      Hans Werner Woodworking – CNC Operator             (2012-2014)

- Created and produced 3D moulding curvatures of custom mouldings


·      Burnwerks LLC – Sole Manager            (2009-2014)

- Created custom and production woodwork for various clients

- Independent Producer for Nolting Mfg.


·      Hinterberg Design Inc. – Vice President            (2004-2009)

- Designed and produced products for the quilting and craft industry


·      Flux Design Ltd. – Design/Build Specialist            (2002-2004)

- Created unique interiors, exteriors, and sculpture with a group of designers and builders


·      UW-Milwaukee Letters and Science Instrument Lab – Machinist            (1998-2001)

- Created custom laboratory components for professors and graduate students


·      UW-Milwaukee Film Department             (1997-1998)

    - Repaired and maintained mechanisms such as cameras, contact printers, and other film equipment. 

    - Processed 16mm black and white reversal motion film for UWM film department





·      University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Bachelor of Fine Arts - Film            (1996-2001)

     - Focus on stop motion animation with 16mm film

     - Designed and built animation armatures

     - Designed and built a CNC camera rig to control the camera shutter, zoom, tilt, pan, and tracking, as well as components on the set.